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your online catalog for The Hangdogs' fairly anemic menu of official merch

Wallace '48

The Hangdogs - Wallace '48Every Revolution Starts With Some Drunk Fucks... Wallace '48, the rabid new record from The Hangdogs
Click here to hear samples and order from Miles of Music.

Something Left
to Sell

The Hangdogs - Something Left to SellThe Hangdogs and Crazyhead Records present the band's first ever LIVE record...
Click here for info or click here to order from Miles of Music.

Beware of Dog

The Hangdogs - Beware of DogOur latest greatest studio record, now available from Shanachie. This full length CD comes with its own plastic jewel-box and decorative glossy paper collateral inside! You can order it right now at Miles of Music, emusic,, CDnow, Shanachie Records. Or buy it at a fine store near you. Remember to ask for The Hangdogs by name, loudly, and accept no Englishmen with similar sounding monickers.

The new Hangdogs t-shirt, a sweet all-cotton print featuring the Doggie snout (No, we don't know whose dog it is!) off the cover of Beware of Dog! In M, L, XL. $17 by mail, shipping included. Click for ordering details.

The ginchy Hangdogs baby tee, for the ladies. They're babe-riffic, and all the rage among fashionable Generation Y types! Sizes include, well, baby T. $14 by mail, shipping included. Click for ordering details.

East of Yesterday
The Hangdogs - East of Yesterday

The Hangdogs' second record, featuring favorites "Hey, Janeane," "They Don't Play No Country on the East Side of New York," and "Flatlands," still available at Miles of Music, emusic,, CDnow, Shanachie Records. Hyperlink to compare prices and save!

Same Old Story
The Hangdogs - Same Old Story

The little record that could, this is The Dogs' first EP and the record that made them semi-famous in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Still available at Miles of Music.

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