The Hangdogs Fun Fact!
"Old Don" was Don Ropa, who ran Ray & Don's Grocery on the block-long business district on Broadway in Stanwood, Iowa. Don used to sell those tall 16-oz. glass bottles of Mountain Dew in the eight-packs, but didn't have room to stock them on the fridge display shelves, so he let us put an eight-pack at a time in the walk-in cooler in the back, so after playing hoop in the summer, we'd ride our bikes up to Ropa's and walk to the back and pull out the Dews ourselves. They cost 35 cents, and we'd drink them on the bench in front of the firehouse/city hall and make fun of people stopping into the post office. One time there was a cow in the back of a covered pickup truck, and everybody who came out of the post office would look into the truck, then look at us and call over, "There's a cow in there!" The Legion Hall is actually still there, the next building down from the firehouse, and it now doubles as a Baptist church. The SuperValu was in Tipton, 9 miles south, but it's called Family Foods now.

The one bar on the block that "Monopoly" was based on was torn down not long ago after sitting empty for ten or fifteen years. You can see the big gap of weeds and dirt there now, between the post office and the Community Savings. The only other building on that side of the street now is the old barber shop.