The Hangdogs Fun Fact!
"Tommy's" is actually The Village Idiot, a fine shithole of a bar on 14th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan, where you'll find two Hangdogs records on the jukebox along with Lefty Frizzel, Hank Williams, George Jones, BR5-49 and The Blasters, along with some assorted pop country crap that proprietor Tommy McNeill puts on there to be "egalitarian." It's also where we shot our video version of "Hey, Janeane." The Idiot can get overpopulated with "tourist" frat-boy types on weekends, so we recommend going there on a weeknight to take advantage of what Tommy calls the "liver gym" and to actually hear your jukebox plays instead of Charlie Daniels and Alan Jackson crap that the slumming dilettantes consider "quaint." Or if you're uptown on the West Side, stop by Tommy's other bar, Yogi's, on Broadway and 76th.