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Just who are The Hangdogs?
Matthew Grimm | Texas Tex | Automatic Slim | Rob Gottstein | Kevin Baier

Matthew Grimm, lead singer, primary songwriter and rhythm guitarist for The Hangdogs, began his musical career singing "Soldier Boy" at some third grade chorale show at Lincoln Elementary in Mechanicsville, Iowa, while wearing a junior Matthew Grimm of The Hangdogsfaux army outfit that bespoke the fervent patriotism and godliness instilled in him from an early age. He has since shrugged off this loathsome all-American mind-fucking in a 15-year spiral of booze, loose women, Buddhism and books that led him to the inexorable conclusion that most people, in spite of their great capacity for selfless thought and action, are conditioned to be sociopaths and there is no hope for the species. From this spiritual miasma/enlightenment, came a smattering of "art" that might be vaguely categorized as music, music that became a cornerstone of The Hangdogs, a band he helped found sometime between 1992 and 1996 amid a haze of hooch, a marginally successful career as a business editor and a series of failed relationships with strippers and English majors.

In his spare time, Grimm enjoys pornography, Happy Joe's pizza, scribbling angry leftist polemic while drunk, sex with prostitutes, the films of John Sayles, the Coen brothers and David Fincher, the music of Dave Alvin, preaching class warfare, breaking stuff, deconstructing cultural precepts that encourage stupidity, stalking Amy Sedaris, puppies, smuggling union literature into right-to-work states, running "dead pools," grumbling inanely and pointlessly about Chicago Bulls management post-Phil Jackson, reading angry leftist polemic while drunk, getting drunk, planning to get drunk, mixing metaphors, plotting revenge upon the Walt Disney Company and making shit up as he goes along. Just for fun, he also occasionally drops hints to his fellow bandmembers that he will kill them one day soon in an elaborately concocted murder/suicide regimen. Born in Burlington, Iowa, and holding a BS in political science from Syracuse University, Grimm, 23, makes his "living" as a freelance journalist from his home in Brooklyn, New York.

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