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Just who are The Hangdogs?
Matthew Grimm | Texas Tex | Automatic Slim | Rob Gottstein | Kevin Baier

Born in McKeesport PA, the "Tube City," Texas Tex was raised in the hinterlands of Elizabeth PA, the "Jewel of the Monongahela." He left to Kevin Karg of The Hangdogsattend the University of PA, the "Bitch of the Ivy League," and has languished in Philadelphia PA, the "XFL of Pennsylvania," ever since. At age five, inspired by Johnny Cash's summer-replacement TV show, Tex promptly broke his family's spinet piano. Subsequent damaged instruments have included violin, bass, guitar, banjo and mandolin.

Kevin Karg, Tex's much-younger twin, founded The Rolling Hayseeds, who would have been a seminal "alternative country" band had anyone paid attention to the band or to "alternative country." Now 53 and semiretired, Kevin occasionally sits-in with two other acts, the overtly-leftist band Wobbly, and "The Bard of South Street," Kenn Kweder. Recently, Karg has spearheaded a series of Waylon Jennings memorial shows, while waiting patiently for something bad to happen to Boz Scaggs or Peter Frampton.

Tex, estranged from his brother since the unfortunate "cheese" incident, enjoys cards, role-playing/board games and conventions,, Windsor Canadian whisky, and the brainy Bangle bassist. And he could really use a hug.

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