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same old story
The Hangdogs

Courtesy of David Pittman, Irving, TX
Courtesy of David Pittman, Irving, TX
fools rush in
same old story
don't mind
the tv too
monopoly on the blues
we gon rock

fools rush in

i never met the man who hurt you so, but i know he's a fool
i never heard you one time speak his name but i don't need to
cause i can still hear the tear in the crack in your voice,
see the mark where the ring used to be
and i know there's a scar there inside your heart
where a fool rushed out so carelessly

fools rush in where wise men wish they could but never go
cause wise men know that love will leave you cryin and cold
but the biggest fool who ever lived is the one who'll never know
that the wisest man's that fool who's never gonna let you go

i never met the child she left with you but i don't need to
but i can see her sparkle in your tired eyes
when you shake your head and say, 'let's talk about you.'
and i never met the man who gave her up and hurt you so
but i can't imagine someone good enough to win your heart
and fool enough to let it go


same old story  RealAudio Sound Clip

there's a new moon rising over that same old saturday night
same old pickup pulled up to the same old roadhouse
same old jeans and aftershave and makeup liberally applied
same old nowhere town we'd leave if we could find a road out

it's the same old story been told for a hundred years past
about trying to make this music take these boots somewhere
so tonight i'll sling this guitar one more time but not the last
and one more time i'll show you all just what they're missing out there

it's the same old boring story
might end up the same as those you never hear
and as i rock this house tonight
the future's only far away as that next beer
we all know that there's a world out there beyond this same old dive
but it's all we got from here to sunday prayer
so we'll laugh and love and fight and cry, maybe even DUI
but that's the price you pay for living anywhere
that's the price you pay for living anywhere

well these new moons come and go and usually i don't much care
till that moron howls the forecast on that same old morning show
same old station playing the same old shit they're playing everywhere
except this smokey, beer-stained roadhouse at this same old crossroads

i'm still working that same old job i've been working like a slave
since college up and didn't work out
i'm still working this here guitar like my soul might still be saved
if only god would recognize the honky-tonk devout


don't mind

On that cool autumn night I was praying to die
If dying meant drowning in the blue of your eyes
And an angel was singing under the name Patsy Cline
And blessing the union of your hand in mine

Well I never believe in love at first sight
Till I saw your eyes glowing in the dim tavern light
And when I kissed you good-night you turned back at the door
You said, 'if you don't mind, I don't mind one time more.'

And I don't know what happened between then and now
But if you don't love me, what's left to work out
We went too high, baby, not to hurt coming down
And if you don't mind, I don't mind not seeing you around

You say, 'Don't be like that,' that no one's to blame
You say you say you still love me, just not in 'that way.'

Well I'm sorry, but that way's the only we knew
and if it's gone we've got nothing left to fall back onto
Seems I can't bring myself to call you a friend
And if you don't mind, I don't mind not seeing you again

So if you don't love me, what's left to work out
We went too high, baby, not to hurt coming down
And I still don't know how we got here from then
But if you don't mind, I don't mind not seeing you again

And if you don't mind, I don't mind not seeing you again

the tv too  RealAudio Sound Clip

Well I guess the broken glass still lies there shattered on the floor
But the last time that I saw it was when I heard you slam the door
Ain't much living in that living room since the night that you walked out
And as you made damn sure as you did, the TV's broken anyhow

Ain't much living in this house no more since heartache came to stay
Just to bed, to the head, to work and back and twice the rent to pay
Guess I still stop in at Mooney's after work to soothe my head
But sneaking in just ain't the same without you worried that I'm dead

It's a pity life ain't got no warranty for times like now
Or at least an owner's manual with 20 pages on how to
Rebuild all that shattered with the bottle that you threw
And it's bad enough you broke my heart, you broke the TV too

I guess your charge that I took you for granted now proves true
Cause that goddamn microwave don't cook near half as good as you
Andyou said so many other things that may wind up prophecy
But I won't know, cause when you said them, I was watching 'Jeopardy'


monopoly on the blues

Well folks still call it Main Street, but it don't look too main no more
Just some redbrick mausoleums whitewashed panes and boarded doors
And it still runs into old U.S. 13 a few blocks down
But now days U.S. 13 turns to dirt just south of town

There's still a bank on Main Street so you can take out one more loan
Post office keeps a zip code foryoung folks to write back home
And the fire engine's still on call when there's someone round to drive
But other'n that, all that's left is this tumble-down old dive

But when the dark comes down on Main Street and the streetlights try to shine
We unlock that front door and light up that old neon sign
And it tells folks if they're looking, man, we still got beer and booze
Folks ain't got much around here no more
Just some memory and the drink we pour
And this side of that door we got ourselves a monopoly on the blues

Old Don he used to sell us all our groceries cross the street
Till the SuperValu opened up down in the county seat
And Little Joe he would've taken over Big Joe's hardware store
Till the bank it beat him to it and put a padlock on the door

And the Legionaires come around Wednesday nights since the Legion Hall burnt down
And we hear about their wives and wars and buy em a couple rounds
And on Friday nights the farmer's sit and bitch about the drought
They been bitching here forever, now they're talkin 'bout selling out

Janey's kept her looks since graduating a few years back this June
Now she stares up out the window, past the neon at the moon
When the cash dried up for college she came home to live for free
And work a register at the Wal-Mart down in the county seat

But sometimes she stays till closing and she turns off that old sign
And I'll walk her to her parents' house or sometimes home to mine
Someday I spose I'll figure we got nothin left to lose
Folks ain't got much round here no more
But the best is still this side of that door
And I'll offer her a cut of this
Monopoly on the blues

Hangdogs Fun Fact

we gon rock

There's a bar not far from where you live, I think you know the one
That joint it will be jumping hot tonight, night, night
There's beer signs in the window and a beatup van out front
And some weary hangdogs bellied up inside

So don your boots or sneakers, timberlands or blue-suede shoes
Just be there when we head back of that room, room, room
Call it country, bop, rock & roll or white-trash Texas blues
Don't matter what it is, just what it do

We gon rock while the rockin's good
We gon rock rock rock your neighborhood
We gon rock till Mona Lisa frowns
We gon rock rock rock till the sun go down
We gon rock till the break of day
We gon rock till we rock our last cliche
We gon rock rock rock and then
We gon rock and roll and rock again

Radio won't never play us, we don't set no fashion trends
Don't matter whence we come or where we go
So call your girlfriend, little sister, even Aunt and Uncle Ben
Cause we're rockin' here tonight and that's all you need to know

East Village to the Alligator, Sixth Street to St Paul
And every rockin' little roadhouse on the ride, ride, ride
If we don't show up this evening, rest your ass and have a draw
We'll be there to rock it up tomorrow night


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