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The Hangdogs

Rare Album Tracks

The World is YoursMP3 Download
Due to unforeseen buffoonery, the initial pressing of Beware of Dog featured an abbreviated version of "The World Is Yours." Here, absolutely free for your downloading, is the unblemished, pristine version of this song.

FlatlandsMP3 Download
This chipper song about incest and murder, co-written by Bruce Henderson and our own Matthew Grimm, was recorded live at an all-star benefit for Henderson, who survived a traumatic bout with cancer. We included it on the re-release of our second record, East of Yesterday, but, so not to exclude all those folks nice enough to have bought the first printing, we present it here for free.

Self-Bootlegging Section

Recorded Live at the Double Door, Charlotte NC, 3-21-01

Fire in the Hole
Unreleased Track

Free MP3 Download

Angelita Turns

Free MP3 Download

Meet Me at Tommy's

Free MP3 Download

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