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Just who are The Hangdogs?
Matthew Grimm | Texas Tex | Automatic Slim | Rob Gottstein | Kevin Baier

Automatic Slim, guitarist and pedal steel freak for The Hangdogs, grew up on the south shore of Long Island, working in his family's greasy spoon, occasionally getting Automatic Slim of The Hangdogspunched in the head by truckers who didn't "get it" and personally witnessing basement guitar-fests that featured the likes of Brian Setzer and obscure ragtime guitar great Billy McCuen. Proud owner of a communications degree from SUNY-Buffalo, Slim largely wasted it in the early 1980s while working as a trained monkey for a cable startup called MTV, later moving into an audio engineer's chair back when you could still smoke in the control room. And smoke he did, chemically ravaging his mind to the degree that he does not remember which three of The Go-Gos he actually slept with, nor where his goddamn car keys are. At MTV, he met the Reilly brothers, Bill Aiken, and Dave Kapp, and formed the combo Automatic Slim and the Power Tools, with whom he rocked dives up and down the Atlantic Corridor until death and marriage intervened. Finally, taking a job as a video editor with the World Wrestling Federation, Slim met the much younger Kevin Baier, soon to be drummer for a liver gymnastics club called The Hangdogs. And it's been an amalgam of feedback, tinnitus and painful anal fissures ever since!

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