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NEW!something left to sell

The Hangdogs - Something Left to Sell

Well, it ain't really NEW Hangdogs music, but chances are, unless you're a diehard psycho, you don't own these songs on disc and have never heard The Hangdogs do em before.

The Hangdogs and Crazyhead Records present the band's first ever LIVE record, SOMETHING LEFT TO SELL, scouring the filthy underbelly of the boys' resoundingly inauspicious musical careers to dredge up some oddly-interpreted covers, butchered standards, fan favorites and arcane originals that fell between the cracks. Deservedly so? You decide! SOMETHING LEFT TO SELL is a full sixteen tracks -- seventeen if you count the medley -- recorded over the course of six years in venues stretching from New York to North Carolina, Texas to Italy, replete with sketchy performances and questionable sound quality, as well as some rare musical gems that frankly we can't believe we ever got on tape in any kind of usable fashion. We were just THAT drunk.

Want more info? Check out our retail/press pitch letter HERE! (in .pdf format)

Already sold?The Hangdogs, SOMETHING LEFT TO SELL, is available online exclusively from our li'l pals at, a genuine Jeffersonian Mom & Pop retailer that doesn't spy on its employees and bust unions! Click here to buy it right now and have it show up at your door in about a week.

track listing

1 Rock And Roll World
2 We Goní Rock
3 If Wishes Were Horses
4 She Took A Lot of Pills
   (and Died)
5 Chew the Cud
6 Sometimes She Forgets
7 Rockin Little Billy
8 Money Honey

9 Monopoly On The Blues
10 Little Man in a Boat
11 One Woman Man
12 Answering Machine
   (Tina, Tina, Tina)
13 Rockin Daddy
14 Somewhere Near Heaven
15 This Beer Last Night
16 Radio V-I-E-T-N-A-M

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